Our Coasteering Adventure routes were designed exclusively by Viu Aventura, to provide our clients with a differentiating choice for an adventure experience. Viu Aventura provides our clients with several Coasteering Adventure routes throughout the island, particularly on the East and South-east coast and Cala Millor, as the natural areas there offer better conditions for enjoying this exciting adventure.

Viu Aventura’s Coasteering Adventure routes are located in natural places far from the tourist hotspots. Our routes run through beautiful cliff-side areas where the connection with the natural environment is absolute and the adventure experience is unforgettable, ultimately a familiar environment + strong connection to nature + adventure + unforgettable memories and emotions.

  • Coasteering Description:
  • Designed so that anybody can experience this adventure without a problem.
    The main aim is to discover the experience, have fun and make the most of a thrilling adventure.
    No sporting ability or prior experience of any kind is required.
    Technical abilities or a particular physical condition are not required.
    It is ideal to enjoy as a family, with friends, sports players, young people, etc.

  • Coasteering Technical Details:
  • Type of activity: Aquatic.
    Activities carried out: Rappel + climbing over the sea + cliff jumping (from 1 metre high up to 10 metres maximum. Depends on each participant).
    Maximum number of participants per group: 8
    Activity duration: 3-3.5 hours
    Areas where the activity is performed: E and SE of the island.
    Time of year: All year.
    Schedule: available every day on the schedule (7/7), morning and afternoon sessions.
    Minimum age to be able to participate: no age limit.
    Difficulty: for all people and ages.

  • Price:

    50€ / person.

Personal supplies necessary to be able to participate (all levels):

Trainers (sandals or similar footwear are not permitted). T-shirt
Swimming costume, leggings, swimming shorts or similar.
Sun protection.
Clothes to change into.
A drink.

The Coasteering activity includes:

All necessary technical materials for safely performing the activity (helmets + harnesses + wetsuits depending on the time of year).