Our Coasteering routs are self-designed. Offering our customers exclusive and innovating adventure experiences!

We offer our customers the possibility of joining into a passion: the sport or activity of exploring the Mallorca’s rocky coastlineby climbing, jumping, rappelling, swimming, sea caving, psicobloc climbing, vía cordata and zip lines.

Our routs are well located in natural and spacious áreas, well-connected into the wild, far awey from overcrowded tourist áreas alongside Mallorca’s seaside, becomming a real connections with Nature, surrounded by a wonderful and unforgettable landscape, sitting beatiful cliff sites and within a family and friendly atmosphere.

Before starting activities we introduce our customers to the basic essentials such as:

* The natural environment’s main characteristics.

* Brief introduction to prevention and safety measures.

* Demonstration of security elements and measures to be followed by all participants.

During the activities:

* Brief demostration on how to correctly execute each activity.

* Constant supervisión and control of the development of the activity.

* Technical assistance on how to perform the practice.

Personal Safety Equipment (PSE):

* The Viu Aventura PSE for participants are constantly updated as well as the equipment accomplishing with standard European and Spanish homologation regulations for safety practice.

* Our personnel will supply equipment to customers a safety adventure and sport practice

At any moment, during the activities, customers will be helped in the event of refusing to continue the activities hired.


The “Cova des Coloms” is the most spectacular and famous Sea Cave in Mallorca accessible to everybody!

It is located in an idyllic setting on the East Coast of the island, next to the virgin cove of “Cala Falcó” and the cliffs that flank the coast to Cala Varques.

The access to the cave is done by swimming from the sea, after overcoming a narrow passage about 3 meters long we will access the first room of the large vault about 20 meters high by about 100 meters long and about 70 meters wide. Inside the cave, we will be provided with a headlamp wich will reveal to us one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca that will surprise us with every step we take.

There are a great variety of stalagmites, stalactites, columns, reliefs and passages created by the erosive action of water on the softness of the limestone rock, includding 3 spectacular inland lakes, a mixture of fresh water from underground channels and salt water from the sea,favouring us the reveal of cristal waters and the underwater landscape beneath our feet.

Recommendations to enjoy this activity at 100%:

** Best time recommended: October to May. From June to September, commercial activity is very high in the area and this makes it difficult to enjoy

** A 72 hours advanced weather forecast is set up for safety reasons to develop this activity.

The duration of this activity is about 5 hours.

The price of this activity is €65 per person.


The VÍAS CORDATA are practically the same as the VÍAS FERRATA in terms of challenges and variety of Adventure and Action activities such as:Climbing Traverses , Climbing, Rappelling, Zip Lines, Hanging Bridges, Caves, etc. In the VÍAS CORDATA the routes are secured and chained to each other by means of rope circuits that are installed during the activity and removed when it ends, while, in the VÍAS FERRTA the routes are secured and chained by metal elements that always remain fixed to the rock.

Ecology and Sustainability:
The VÍAS CORDATA MALLORCA of Viu Aventura DO NOT cause an impact on the natural environment since the safety elements for the practice of the activity are installed immediately and are removed at the end of the activity, ramaining the natural environment untoched.

Areas of Mallorca where you can experience the VÍAS CORDATA MALLORCA from Viu Aventura
At Viu Aventura we offer VÍA CORDATA ROUTS in mountain areas (Serra de Tramuntana) and in coastal areas next to the sea (NE, E, SE, S and SW of Mallorca).

Who can do the VÍAS CORDATA MALLORCA Viu Aventura?:
We have 4 Levels of Difficulty that allow the participation of all audiences and ages.
The different Levels of Difficulty and Prices per person are the same as for the COASTEERING MALLORCA Viu Aventura activities.

Personal material necessary to participate in the VÍAS CORDATA MALLORCA Viu Aventura:
Sneackers/Sports shoes + Sports clothing (Viu Aventura will recommend the appropriate one depending on the time of year).

Coastering Mallorca with 5 action activities carried out at all levels of difficulty.
Duration of the activity: 3 hours.
The challenges are adjusted to each of the 4 Difficulty Levels.

1 - Rock Traverse Climbing over the sea

It is the first contact you are going to have with the natural rock and in order to enjoy and esure safety, where you will learn the baiscs of vertical Climbing!.Participants are instructed in basic practice and techniques to assimilate them step by step and evolve during the activity on their own.

2 - Vertical climbing

You are now ready to put into practicewhat you learned on the Rock Traverse Climbing and take on new challenges! Participants will experience vertical progression on rock and will now be able to apply the techniques to achieve rock verticalClimbing individually.

3 - Rapelling

Live the sensation of floating above the sea is unique, surprising and very exciting and the time has come to enjoy it! The technical bases are introduced to easily master the downward progression using the Rappelling technique so that participants can live and enjoy this activity at 100%!

4 - Psicobloc or Deep-water Soloing

The type of Climbing that is already known throughout the world! It consists of experiencing the freedom of climbing over the sea, without ropes, without special equipment, feeling the adrenaline flow throughout the body and living a top experience! For practitioners without experience or who are discovering this modality, the activity is carried out in the form of a Rock Traverse Climbing Journey between 2 and 5 meters high (depending on the chosen Difficulty Level) above sea level, the objective is to try to cover the greatest distance as possible until falling into the sea or completing the route. Of course, falling into the sea is in areas with adequate depth and 100% safe to enjoy the adrenaline and action without worries!

5 - Cliff jumping or jumping into the sea

One of the most fashionable activities and most requested by Adventure lovers. Adrenaline, action and full-on fun! Jumping into the sea requires the application of a very simple but necessary technique to jump with safety warrantees. At Viu Aventura we instruct participants before the jump, starting with small heights and increasing the height progressively as the technique evolves and always keeping safety under control. Height ranges from 1 meter to a maximum of 15 meters above sea level. Each participant will be able to jump from the height that he considers appropriate for his abilities and without any type of pressure.

The Difficulty Levels are graduated based on the physical and technical demand of the sporting challenges of the routes.

  • All routes are well designed for children 5-8 years old.

  • * Physical level: Minimum.
    * No type of sports skill or previous experience is required.
    * No technical skills or special physical condition are needed.

  • Price:

    50€ / person.

Personal supplies necessary to be able to participate (all levels):

Sneakers/Sport shoes (Watershoes can be used but do not offer foot safety or adequate grip). Sports clothing (will be recommended depending on the season).
Swimming costume, leggings, swimming shorts or similar.
Swimsuit, tights, shorts, or similar.
Clothes to change and spare shoes.
Drink and some snacks.


All the technical materials necessary for the safe practice of the activity: helmets + harnesses + wetsuits (depending on the season) + floating vests if is necessary(depending of the activity).