At Viu Aventura we have adapted all of our Adventure activities to your family needs so you can 100% experience and enjoy the most exciting and unforgettable Adventure experiences in Nature along with all the family

Adventure, fun and safety!
All of our adventures take place in controlled natural environments, with trained and specialised instructors with extensive experience in the sector, who will take care of your safety at all times. Since Viu Aventura was established in 2007, we have remained faithful to personalised and direct treatment of our clients, we commit to small groups and we have designed our own routes in order to offer you your “perfect” adventure and the best balance in terms of: duration, intensity and difficulty levels for each family profile.

100% Guaranteed activities!

The conditions offered by the Natural Environment can change and do so spontaneously, hence its beauty, but sometimes those conditions can comprise our safety on the same day of the activity. In the event of this possible situation, we always have an alternative plan in order to guarantee the success of your activities, and the 100% enjoyment of your Adventure.

Commitment to the Natural Environment!

Nature provides us with everything; pure air, incredible landscapes, spectacular mountains and valleys, cliffs and unspoiled beaches, impressive caves, fascinating varieties of flora and fauna, the cultural legacy of our ancestors... It connects with us in the most generous and healthy way in exchange for very little; leaving everything the way we found it when we leave. At Viu Aventura we encourage a commitment and responsibility towards the Natural Environment and make everyone a part of this in order to gain a little extra satisfaction and good vibes for having generously matched Nature.

  • - COASTEERING: Retail price 50€ x pax / no minimum 2
  • - TREKKING + ADVENTURE: Retail price 50€ x pax / minimum 2
  • - TREKKING / HIKING: Retail price 38€ x pax / minimum 8
  • - CANYONING: Retail price 50€ x pax / minimum 5
  • - RAIDS AND MULTIADVENTRE CIRCUITS: Retail price 60€ x pax / minimum 4

Personal material necessary to participate (all levels):

With a minimum and basic material you can participate in all our family activities with total comfort and safety. The only essential is the footwear , which should consist of sports shoes or light hiking boots if you have,neoprene shoes, flip flops or similar are not valid as it is too light footwear to ensure the protection of our feet on rocky coastal and mountain terrain. The clothing has to be comfortable for you and the necessary according to the season, some complementary material such as a rain jacket , etc. will be recommended for the day you are going to do your activities if the weather forecast recommends it.

The refreshment will be light (energy bars, nuts, chocolate, etc.) for part-time activities (2 to 4 hours) and more consistent (snacks, lunch box, picnic, etc.) for full-time activities ( + 4 hours). For hydration the best thing is water but you can also bring complementary isotonic drinks, sodas and energy drinks are not recommended because of its high sugar content, which provides an immediate peak of energy but also a significant drop in energy after its brief period of time. effect.

The activity includes:

We will not charge you all the specific materials (technical material) necessary to perform the safe practice of our activities: helmets + harnesses + safety connectors + carabiners + specific backpacks + ropes + wetsuits and booties, etc. All materials are approved according to European regulations (EN), reviewed before carrying out the activities and in perfect condition for use.

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