At Viu Aventura we offer you animated and fun "packs" of various adventure activities as a " Multi-adventure circuit ". It consists of a tour organized by several "stations" in which to perform an adventure activity, once completed the participants continue following a marked path in which they will overcome other activities, such as: Zip wires, Rope Bridge, Archery , Guidance, skills tests, etc.

The Multi-Adventure Circuits are organized from a minimum of 3 activities and we organize them in nature, on private or public farms, urban areas, in sports halls, inside hotels

They are aimed at all types of public: parties and birthdays, business incentives, bachelor parties, groups of friends, as a Adventure Raids, etc. The Multi-Adventure Circuits is a very fun and exciting option and have fun both in a small space and in large natural spaces, outdoors or in indoor areas, under the sun and in the rain, in summer or in winter, in "quiet plan" or in "warrior plan"... At Viu Aventura we offer you original and different ideas so that you can have a great time always enjoying the adventure.

  • Description:
  • The levels of difficulty are determined according to the type of participants that requests the Multi-adventure Circuit. The heights of the Zip Wires, Rope Bridges, Orienteering Tours, etc. are adjust it to the capabilities of the characteristics of the type of public that requests this activity; children, families, athletes, company incentive, etc.

    Designed so that anybody can experience this adventure without a problem.
    The main objective is to discovery the experience, have fun and enjoy with friends an exciting adventure day.
    No sporting ability or prior experience of any kind is required.
    Technical abilities or a particular physical condition are not required.
    It´s ideal to enjoy with family, friends, athletes, young people, etc.
    The groups that request this Multi-Adventure Activity can choose the activities that they like most from the menu of the Technical Data sheet.
    The Circuits of MultiAventura can be organized in nature, on the coast, in urban areas and in inner pavilions.

  • Technical Details:
  • Type of activity: Outdoor Adventure / Indoor Adventure.
    Activities carried out: Rappelling / Climbing / Zip Wiring / Archery / Orientation Circuit / Rope Bridges / Skill Games.
    Maximum number of participants per group: Ask
    Activity duration: depending on the client's will. From 3 hours, to full day.
    Areas where the activity is performed: The whole island.
    Time of year: All year.
    Schedule: available every day on the schedule (7/7), morning and afternoon sessions.
    Minimum age to be able to participate: Ask.
    Difficulty: for all people and ages.

  • Type of participant:
  • Experienced people in adventure sports and activities.
    Sports teams.
    Company incentives.
    Team work-Team Building.
    Stag/hen parties.
    Hotel entertainment.
    Clubs and Associations.

  • Price:

    On budget. According to number of participants, ages, number of activities, etc.

Personal supplies necessary for participating (all levels):

Trainers (sandals or similar footwear are not permitted).
Confortable Clothes.
Sun protection.
Food and drink.

The activity includes:

All necessary technical materials for safely performing the activity.