¡Nature, landscape, land, sea, mountain, culture, art, tradition, flora, fauna, history, economy and mountain architecture, gastronomy...! Mallorca, a wonderful island, located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between East and West, between North and South, a privileged location for the communication of rich and ancient civilizations.

With innumerable beaches dominating the littoral profile with soft and arid landscapes in the East and in the South, with an alpine and more humid profile dominating in the northern areas, with the highest peaks in the "Serra de Tramuntana" and with peaks of more modest heights in the Northeast and, the "Pla of Mallorca", the fertile central plain. Typically Mediterranean climate, mild in winter and hot in summer, very benevolent flora and fauna of great variety, both marine and terrestrial, large and open valleys of low vegetation in contrast to deep and leafy wooded areas of mountain.

  • Description:
  • Classic routes of the Mallorca and uncatalogued routes, suitable for any person to make the tours without problems.
    The main objective is the discovery of nature, enjoy the experience, have fun and live an exciting day of adventure.
    No sporting ability or prior experience of any kind is required.
    Technical abilities or a particular physical condition are not required.
    It is ideal to enjoy as a family, with friends, sports players, young people, etc.

  • Technical Details:
  • Type of activity: Mountain.
    Activities carried out: Hiking.
    Maximum number of participants per group: No maximum
    Activity duration: 3 to 6 hours. Depends on the type of route and area of the activity.
    Areas where the activity is performed: N, NE, S and SE of the island.
    Time of year: All year.
    Schedule: available every day on the schedule (7/7), morning and afternoon sessions.
    Minimum age to be able to participate: Please ask.
    Difficulty: for all people and ages.

  • Price:

    Please Ask (depending on type of route and number of people).

Personal supplies necessary for participating (all levels):

Trainers or hiking boots if you have them.
Comfortable clothing
Depending on the time of year, Viu Aventura will recommend the most suitable personal supplies.
Food and drink.

The activity includes:

All necessary technical materials for safely performing the activity