With the Trekking Adventure you will enjoy two magnificent aspects of nature. On one hand, by hiking over trails running between densely forested areas and wide open spaces with beautiful views of mountain profiles and deep valleys. On the other, enjoying a sense of adventure by feeling the excitement of entering into leafy areas of the mountains, only accessible using the rappel technique.

Under the supervision and care of our experienced guides, you will explore areas of untouched beauty between rocky limestone gorges and leafy vegetation. You will enter areas that are inaccessible for the majority of people by rappelling down spectacular rocky slopes. You will also learn the technique of climbing up and down enjoying the adventurous journey through passages and huge blocks of rock with efficiency and safety.
It’s an adventure experience where you experience the beauty of nature and feel the thrill of the action!

The Difficulty Levels are graduated based on the physical and technical demand of the sporting challenges of the routes.

  • All routes are well designed for children 5-8 years old.

  • * Physical level: Minimum.
    * No type of sports skill or previous experience is required.
    * No technical skills or special physical condition are needed.

  • Price:

    50€ / person.

Personal supplies necessary to be able to participate (all levels):

Sneakers/Sport shoes (Watershoes can be used but do not offer foot safety or adequate grip). Sports clothing (will be recommended depending on the season).
Swimming costume, leggings, swimming shorts or similar.
Swimsuit, tights, shorts, or similar.
Clothes to change and spare shoes.
Drink and some snacks.


All the technical materials necessary for the safe practice of the activity: helmets + harnesses + wetsuits (depending on the season) + floating vests if is necessary(depending of the activity).