We know what we’re doing

At Viu Aventura we have lots of experience and a thorough knowledge of the Mallorcan landscape, both the coast as well as the mountains, in order to make the best decisions and provide our clients with the best and safest adventure experience.

Small groups and familiar setting

During the activities of Viu Aventura, groups are smaller in size and we create a familiar atmosphere so that our clients can completely immerse themselves in the experience and feel like a member of a cohesive team.

Activities for all ages

Through a practical demonstration, we teach our clients how to control the various planned activities, adapted to each of you in terms of intensity and difficulty. This means that you can take the lead role in your experience, always monitored by our preventive supervision. Adventure belongs to anyone who wants to live and experience it.

Commitment and responsibility

Our commitment and responsibility towards our clients are unbeatable: At Viu Aventura, prevention is the solid foundation on which we plan adventure experiences for our clients. Safety throughout the activity is guaranteed in order to meet our clients’ expectations.

Innovation, progress y development

At Viu Aventura, we create our own activities, providing our clients with a service and style that’s all our own and differentiating us from other companies in the same sector. We make improvements, design new routes and trails for each difficulty level, we develop our products and services based on the opinions, comments and new requirements of our clients and we keep ourselves informed and updated on new developments in the sector.


Transparency as a mark of trust. Viu Aventura is up-to-date with all requirements and accreditations to operate legally: Technical training and education certificates, regulated and legalised professional activity: business activity registered with Spanish social security, DRIAT (Declaration of Responsibility for Beginning Tourist Activity), permits and authorisations for operating in the natural environment, public liability and accident insurance policies etc.

Professional guarantees!

All our guides are professionally accredited for the legal realization of the activity:

* Middle Grade Sports Technicians


* Sports Physical Activity Technician in the Natural Environment

* INEF .

Business guarantees

* Registration in the Active Tourism register of the Balearic Government: DRIAT Registration number: TA / 57

* Authorization for the practice of Canyoning and hiking "Consellería de Medi Ambient": Exp. No. SEN: 158/18. Reg. No .: 4496

* Civil Liability Policy: insurance company Helvetia Swiss Company, policy number: M2R110003548

* Collective Accident Insurance Policy: with the company "Mutua General de Seguros", Policy number: 51236464

Complain Forms

We have complaint forms, in accordance with the tourism regulations of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands (articles 149 to 156, Decree 20/2015 of 17 April, general principles and guidelines for coordination in tourism, regulation of the advisory bodies, coordination, coordination and cooperation of the Government of the Balearic Islands, and regulation and classification of businesses and tourist establishments, issued in development of Law 8/2012, tourism of the Balearic Islands.